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“Ft Myers FINALLY Has A True Mattress Discounter!”

Ft Myers FINALLY has a true mattress discounter! In fact, if you EVER find a lower mattress price ANYPLACE else, we will refund you 200% of the difference back IN CASH!

We are so confident in our everyday price that you can buy a mattress from us and continue to shop. If you ever find a comparable mattress for less elsewhere we will pay you 200% of the difference back in CASH, on the spot.

We have had this price guarantee prominently displayed in our warehouse for over 8 years. Never once has anyone found a lower price. At Mattress Warehouse Ft Myers, every customer every minute of every day saves 55%-70% on everything in our warehouse.

If you buy a mattress anywhere else you WILL pay more! Click HERE to compare our warehouse prices versus retail stores.

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